STRIVE offers consultative support and training to school districts at all levels including; district or school wide, classroom, faculty, individual students, and parent/caretaker. We work collaboratively with all members of the district at any level to identify the need for support along with developing positive behavior support systems, behavior intervention plans, skill acquisition goals, response to intervention and any other supports needed to promote learning, decreased problem behaviors and inclusion in a school setting. Additionally, we offer evidence-based behavior skills training (BST) on the implementation of any of the supports listed above or specific topics requested by the district staff.

STRIVE BCBA Consultants can:

  • Conduct Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA)
    • Indirect and Direct
  • Develop Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP) or Plan of Care (POC)
  • Develop positive Behavior Supports and Classroom management systems
  • Support with Response to Intervention (RTI) systems
  • Support IEP goal writing (behavior and skill acquisition) and IEP meetings
  • Staff training in large group, small group or individual 
    • Some common topics include: behavioral principles, prevention strategies, compliance training, functional communication training, positive behavior supports, prompting methods, principles of ABA, data collection, reinforcement and punishment procedures, skill acquisition or behavior reduction goal writing, functional behavior assessment and behavior intervention plan writing.
  • ADOS-2 testing (COMING SOON)
  • School placement services with an emphasis on collaboration with the district and family to develop and execute a plan to become successful learning in the least restrictive environment. 

STRIVE Behavioral Solutions values inclusion and collaboration. It is our goal to give your district and staff the tools needed to decrease any problematic behavior while improving positive behaviors, academic performance and success in an inclusive setting!

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