STRIVE Behavioral Solutions is committed to using the most up to date and effective research-driven principles of applied behavior analysis to develop behavioral solutions that improve the lives of our clients.
  • Collaborative: We believe in working together as a team throughout the entire consultative and therapeutic relationship. Consistency across all areas of treatment is crucial for child's success. It is important that all people involved in the client's treatment are on the same page and are implementing the same procedures in order for behavior change to occur and maintain.  
  • Innovative: All services provided are relevant to the individual and the culture of their community. We do not believe in a "one size fits all" approach to programming for our clients. We do believe in a client-oriented approach, all services will be individualized to the client based off comprehensive assessments and interviews with families and other professionals involved in the client's treatment.
  • Effective: We pride ourselves on using the most effective, evidence based services for our clients. We take data on all services being provided and make data-based decisions on the direction of our service. If our services are not showing a significant change, we will modify our services until we are seeing the desired change being met. We base our programming and interventions on the most up to date research and literature in the field of applied behavior analysis. 
  • Positive: Our programming and behavioral interventions are based off of positive behavioral approaches. We teach our clients new skills and behaviors through positive reinforcement procedures.