Center-based 1:1 ABA therapy will be provided on-site at STRIVE's treatment center. Our center-based model is focused on using positive reinforcement strategies to develop the skills and key milestones including: communication, social behaviors, play skills, receptive and expressive communication, daily living and adaptive skills, skill acquisition and school-readiness skills (attending, responding to instructions, compliance, following routines).

One of the many benefits of center-based services is that learning can take place in an inclusive setting with access to other peers, while receiving 1:1 support from the staff. 

Treatment Models

  • Comprehensive 1:1 Treatment: typically 19-40 hours per week
    • High-intensity, early-intervention treatment
    • Designed to address various aspects of development and behavior deficits. 
  • Focused 1:1 Treatment: typically 19 hours or less per week
    • Designed to address specific behavior and/or skill deficits.

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